Four Fold Crystal Symmetry, {100} Planes in FCC

The effects of 45° tilt on the edge surface topology may be studied at two different categories, namely; the low electron wind intensity, χ≤10 , and high and moderate electron wind intensity, χ≥25 regimes. The low current density regime disappears completely without leaving any trace on its back. In the case of moderate and current density domain, the edge-void changes its Gaussian shape by transforming into the slat-like configuration, and then emanates an internal void, which has almost perfect wedge form, pointing towards the windward direction. This wedge shape inner void migrates along the interconnect line towards the cathode end following a straight path. The mother edge-void after releasing the daughter void slowly transforms into sawtooth type surface undulations. This highly localized the package of few sawtooth undulations starts to separate by adding more waves by keeping the original wave form invariant but increasing the number. This wave package drags towards the windward direction while keeping close track with motion of the drifting daughter void.